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    Andheri east is one of the busiest and posh areas of Mumbai. It has a very good blend of residential as well as commercial properties around. A perfect place where you can go and chill as it has a lot of cafes and restaurants too. It also offers a wide range of pet services and facilities which can be availed by you for your dear ones. Andheri East is the perfect place to live in Mumbai.

    When should you go to see a vet?

    A vet can be consulted in many circumstances when your pets are in pain and distress. There are many causes for which you may have to go to see the veterinarian. Some of them could be: diarrhea, where your pet may face loose motions regularly, Another reason could be a change in the eating and drinking habits of your pets, which could be a sign for you to take your pet to a veterinarian. One more reason could be your pet getting unconscious or meet with an accident, then you certainly need to go to see a vet.

    Clinics that offer 24-hr pet services in the Andheri East?

    Andheri East is an area of the city that never sleeps and is working 24 by 7. So you can always get these pet services for 24 hours and many other facilities that are offered by some of the veterinarians in this area. Facilities like 24-hr ambulance and an emergency room for your pets. Government clinics here do not provide 24-hr assistance to you but there are some of the private clinics that offer these good services.

    Charge of getting your pets treated in the Andheri East?

    Andheri East is a very well balanced area in terms of economy as well as culture. This part of the city has many government clinics that provide treatment to your pets free of cost. Whereas there are many NGOs in this area that give treatment free of cost to your pet. On the contrary, many private clinics offer best-in-class services to your pets. The treatment charge can cost you around Rs 250 to Rs 550.

    Commonly found pets in Andheri East:

    The southern part of Bombay is ruled by the rich and elite class of the society and so is the case with their pets. I mean they own dogs which need a lot of money to look after and need food and climatic condition for the creation of which you need a lot of money, so breeds like husky, poodles and Bernard are the commonly found breeds in Andheri East.

    What is the cost of a stool test for cats in Andheri East?

    Stool test for your cats in Andheri East will cost you very reasonable cost ranging from Rs 40 to Rs 250 and the average cost is around Rs 129.

    What is the cost of a pet ambulance in Andheri East?

    Pet ambulances are readily available in Andheri East which is available for your pets around the clock. They can cost you from Rs 200 to Rs 500 differing from clinic to clinic.

    What is the cost of good cat food in Andheri East?

    Cat food can be very fancy sometimes, it has a huge variety of product line ranging from Rs 150 to Rs 800 per bag of cat food.


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