Pet Clinics in Dadar West

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  • Looking for a Pet Clinic for your beloved pets in Dadar West ?

    Dadar lies in the heart of the city. It boasts some of the oldest veterinarians in the City. They have one of the best medicare services for pets in Mumbai & even Maharashtra. They have been serving various types of pets & breeds such as Dogs, Cats, reptiles, rodents, & birds. Due to its location to affluent neighborhoods, it boasts one of the luxurious pet clinics in the City.

    Dadar has pet hospitals that have specialized services such as dialysis centers 7 other specialized services. Pet clinics have been providing services such as Deworming, Vaccinations, surgeries such as minor & major, etc. Dadar also has a Diagnostic center. You can find pet clinics as per your budget. Shivaji park animal clinic is one of the famous vet clinics in Dadar serving its customers for many years.


    Which are cheap Pet clinics in Dadar ?

    Pets Care center is one of the most affordable pet care centers in Dadar.

    Pet hospitals near Dadar Railway Station ?

    Pet Care Center Clinic is Near Dadar Railway Station.

    What is the cost of Vaccinations for Cats in Dadar ?

    The cost of Vaccination for cats is around 600 -1400Rs per shot in Dadar.

    Does Shivaji Park animal Clinic have a pathological testing facility in Dadar ?

    Yes, They can provide Pathological testing for your Pets in Dadar.

    Where is animal NGO in Dadar ?

    We love animals’ foundation is in Shah & Nahar Industrial Estate. It’s an NGO for animals.

    How can I search for pet clinics in Dadar through Haduk ?

    Search using location . Choose Dadar.


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