Pet Clinics in Ghatkopar East

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  • Looking for a Pet Clinic for your beloved pets in Ghatkopar East ?

    Get diverse services for your pets, Use Hadook. Best Pet Directory Service you can get. Ghatkopar East has many pet lovers who are living with their pets. Ghatkopar East has many Pet Hospitals & Pet clinics. Pet hospitals are multispeciality while providing cutting edge treatments to pet parents while providing Major & minor surgeries.

    Ghatkopar East has Well equipped Vet Clinics with experienced Veterinarians. These Pet clinics have been known to serve various kinds of Pets such as Dogs, Cats, Lizards, Tortoise, Birds, etc. Pet clinics generally provide various types of treatments such as Deworming, Vaccination, Major & minor surgeries, general health Checkup, etc. There are many Specialist Pet Doctors in Ghatkopar East such as Pet physiotherapists, Pet psychologists, etc. One of the famous pet clinics is the Paws N Claws pet center in Ghatkopar East. They have been serving customers for many years. You can buy Branded premium Pet foods such as Royal Canin, Pedigree, Purina, etc from these clinics.


    Which is the Cheapest Pet clinic in Ghatkopar East ?

    Happy pets generally provide affordable treatment.

    Pet hospitals near Ghatkopar Railway Station ?

    Sai Veterinary Clinic is nearest to the Ghatkopar station.

    What is the Cost of Vaccinations for Dogs in Ghatkopar East ?

    The cost of vaccinations for dogs in Ghatkopar East is around 500Rs -1500Rs per shot.

    Does the Sai Veterinary clinic have a hospitalization facility in Ghatkopar East ?

    No, Sai veterinary clinic doesn’t have a hospitalization facility.

    Does Ghatkopar East have animal NGO ?

    Jeevdaya Foundations does work for animals.

    Can I book the appointment of Veterinarian doctor through Haduk ?

    Yes, You can book an appointment through Haduk.


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