Pet Clinics in Kandivali East

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  • Looking for a Pet Clinic for your beloved pets in Kandivali East?

    Kandivali East has comprehensive pet clinics & hospitals which provide Healthcare & grooming clinics. Pet Hospitals in Kandivali East cater to a wide variety of clients with every clinic suitable to your budget and requirement. Pet shops in Kandivali East have the availability of all the latest pet products for pet parents. Pet clinics in Kandivali serve a wide variety of animals & birds such as Dogs, cats, rabbits, cows, sheep, goats, horses, parrots, chickens, etc. There are also Government veterinary hospitals in Kandivali. Veterinary clinics in Kandivali offer a wide variety of various services like major & minor surgery, Vaccinations, Regular health checkups, nutrition consulting, Physiotherapy, psychological consultations, etc. One of the famous Veterinary clinics is The Pets clinic in Kandivali. You can avail of these services as suitable for your budget.

    Many clinics are also in the affordable range. There are many NGO’s who offer free Veterinary services to ailing animals. There are 24-hour clinics where they can avail treatment in Kandivali, just search animal doctor near me 24 hrs on google you will get lots of results. While many have fixed hours. You can also avail of home checkup services through Vets in Kandivali. They provide home health checkup for your pet. Other than medical treatments, many clinics provide various add-on services to their clients such as hair grooming, hair care services, washing, teeth cleaning, nail clipping, etc. Many even provide stylists for your pets. Pet shops in Kandivali are also situated near clinics or even owned by them. For your convenience, these clinics provide various branded pet foods for dogs, cats, reptiles & birds that can be found in any Pet shop in Kandivali. They also provide various accessories such as belts, raincoats, utensils, toys, shampoos, perfumes, baskets, etc. Kindly scroll up to see the best clinics in Kandivali East.


    Free Veterinary doctor in Kandivali East ?

    Kandivali has many NGOs working for the welfare of animals. One such is the Birds Animals Serpents Saviours Organization. It’s an NGO animal hospital run by veterinarians. They can treat animals at minimal cost or free.

    Government animal hospital in Kandivali East ?

    There is still no government hospital in Kandivali East, the nearest one is in Bhiwandi.

    Which are the top Pet Clinic in Kandivali East ?

    Kandivali East some of the good clinics. Dr. Wakankar Pet clinic, Animal Care clinic are some of the best clinics in Kandivali East.

    How can Haduk help in choosing the best Pet Clinic Kandivali East ?

    Haduk gives comprehensive information about pet clinics, such as services they provide, Reviews, Images of their clinics, their contact number to further enquire about your requirement.


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