Pet Clinics in Vikhroli East

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  • Looking for a Pet Clinic for your beloved pets in Vikhroli East ?

    Living in Vikhroli east & want to find a pet clinic for your pet? You can use this website to search relevant clinics as per your requirements & budgets. You can go to specialty Hospitals or Regular clinics as per your requirements. Pet clinics in Vikhroli East have been providing one of the best healthcare in Mumbai. Pet Hospitals in Vikhroli East have been providing various specialized treatments to their clients. 

    You can find various consultants such as Pet psychologists, physiotherapists, nutritionists, etc. In Vet Clinics in Vikhroli East, you can avail of various medical services such as general Checkup, vaccinations, Deworming, Major & minor Surgery, etc. You can also avail grooming services such as Nail clipping, fur cleaning & trimming, etc. These clinics also provide pet food from different premium brands that you can buy. They also have pet accessories. Himi’s Pet clinic is one of the famous pet clinics in Vikhroli East. The general consultation charge is around 300-1000 as per your budget & expertise of the veterinary doctor.


    Government animal hospital in Vikhroli East ?

    There is no Government hospital in Vikhroli East, But you can find one in Thane District.

    Which are the top Pet Clinic in Vikhroli East ?

    Vikhroli East provides full-fledged pet clinics. Among them, Himi’s pet clinic is one such pet clinic that is outshining others.

    How can Haduk help in choosing the best Pet Clinic Vikhroli East ?

    Use Haduk to find Pet clinics as per the location, budget, services offered & user ratings.

    Can Pet clinics in Vikhroli East provide services to my exotic pets ?

    Yes, Vets in Vikhroli East are providing services to different types of pets for a long time.

    Are there admit wards of pets in Pet clinics in Vikhroli East ?

    Clinics & hospitals do have to admit wards for pets. You can check their facilities at their clinics.

    Are Grooming services available in Pet clinics in Vikhroli East ?

    Yes, Pet clinics do provide Grooming services. Pet clinics provide fur cleaning, hair cleaning, teeth cleaning services.

    How many times should I take my pet to a Veterinary Doctor ?

    You can try to take your pet to a Veterinary doctor at least once a year. Consult Veterinary doctor for expert advice.

    What are the fees of Pet clinics in Vikhroli East ?

    The General COnsultation fee is 300-1000 Rs in Pet clinics in Vikhroli East.

    Free Veterinary doctor in Vikhroli East

    Vikhroli East sees animal welfare activities in its vicinity. Vardhaman Sanskar Dham Jeevadaya Animal Ambulance Service is an NGO dedicated to helping animals.


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