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  • Pet Grooming Services in Mumbai

    Mumbai, as lavish it seems for humans, it is for your pets too. The city has to offer many grooming parlors for your pets. You can not only make your pets comfortable but also keep them clean and fresh. Areas like Borivali West, Malad West, Andheri, Prabhadevi, CST area have many such pet grooming parlors that can serve you the best.

    Pet Grooming Services FAQ

    How often do you Groom your Pet?

    Regular grooming is important for appearance and health, which is why professionalism is such a great idea!
    Regular grooming involves washing and brushing of the fur, but it can also include nail trims and grinding. Pet pedicures are essential for keeping the nails at an appropriate length so pets can walk and run comfortably and without the risk of serious damage. Trimming your pet’s nails on your own can be difficult, but professional groomers know how to get the job done.
    You feel clean, refreshed, and comfortable after a good shower or pampering session. Your pet can feel the same way! Hiring a professional pet groomer can help your pet stay more comfortable inside and out. Grooming often includes light massage that helps pets relax. This service also takes care of fur; brushing and trimming it as need. Your pet will not have to worry about tangles, knotting, or any other common fur problems.

    What will a basic Grooming Service include?

    It will include ear cleaning, nail clipping, bath and blow-dry, combing, shaving of underpaw, etc.
    Pet grooming services can also include special care for ears and teeth. You can request ear cleaning and hair removal, which will prevent ear infections that might hurt your pet. You can also request teeth brushing services, keeping your pet’s teeth clean and reducing the risk of oral infection.

    What is the duration of Pet Grooming Service?

    The time taken depends on the breed and the size of pet.

    What is the cost of Pet Grooming Services in Mumbai?

     This can cost you around Rs 350 to Rs 1500, which depends upon the skill of the doctor and also the reputation and rating of the vet.


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