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    Best Pet Clinic in Kharadi

    • Petville Pet Clinic (Pune)
    • Alva Animal Care Clinic (Pune)

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    Kharadi is a location situated in the eastern part of the Pune city. It is a suburb in the beautiful banks of Mula-Mutha river. It has a huge hub of IT sector companies. It has been evolving since last many decades and has grown into a very good location which is full of facilities and services.


    24-hour pet clinics services in Kharadi

    Emergencies don’t come ringing your door-bell, so you always need to keep the information about the vet clinics which are open 24 hr in your locality. In Kharadi there are 10-12 vet clinics which serve for 24 hrs so that you can be sure about your pets while in an emergency. Unfortunately, the government clinics here don’t provide 24-hr services


    Which breed of dog is most suitable to the Kharadi climate?

    Kharadi being in a city where there is a moderate climate over the 12 months, most of the breeds of the dog are suitable for you to keep a pet.

    Some of them are Labrador, Pug, Dachshund, Pomeranian, German shepherd and Doberman. But all in all of these all the breeds Labrador is best suited for Kharadi in Pune city.


    What is the most common pet in the Kharadi?

    Kharadi is an area surrounded with a lot pets but the most commonly seen pets in the city are cats and dogs. These are distributed all over the city as they make as very lovable creatures.



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