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    Aundh is one of the most affluent suburbs located in the North-western part of the Pune city. It is situated in the proximity of the famous Pune University. It has a lot of malls and restaurants in this area along with its versatile connectivity with major roads. Also, it has many vet clinics and pet hospitals that are always ready to serve the animals. This seems to be a perfect place for your pets

    When is the need to show your pet to a veterinarian?

    Your pets need the same amount of care in terms of their health as you need it. So you should always give ample importance to your pet’s health. It is observed that usually, all the pets recover on their own from minor problems related to their health, but when their behavior changes and they start to vomit or experience diarrhea, bad breath, or irregular eating or drinking habits, you should show your pet to a veterinary specialist.

    What can the treatment of your pet cost you in Aundh?

    The cost of treatment of pets is not much different from their owners. Usually consulting a well rated veterinarian should cost you anywhere ranging from Rs 250 to Rs 600, which is a generous cost that you could spend for the good health of your pets. The cost depends upon the rating and reputation of the veterinarian and also the services provided by the clinic.

    Places which offer 24-HR services for pets in Aundh:

    Emergencies don’t warn before coming, so you always need to keep the information about the vet clinics which provide 24 hr services in your proximity. In Aundh many vet clinics have extended their services for 24 hrs so that you can be sure about your pets while in an emergency.

    What is the cost of blood-test for dogs in Aundh?

    In Aundh, there are many blood testing laboratories for the dogs, and a blood test for your dog can cost you from Rs 300 to as high as Rs 1000 depending upon the test.

    What is the cost of Rabies vaccine for Dogs in Aundh?

    Aundh has a lot of government pet clinics that offer this vaccination of rabies which may range different based on size and weight of the dog which ranges from Rs 300 to Rs 500 and Rs 100 separately for injecting it.

    What is the cost of a urine test for dogs in Aundh?

    Testing of urine of your dog does not require much money if it is a routine one. It can range from as low as Rs 50 to as high as Rs 4000 for infertility indicator in the urine.


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