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  • Looking for a Pet Clinic for your beloved pets in Bhandup West ?

    Are you searching for Pet clinics for your pets in Bhandup West, you are quite lucky as Bhandup has quite a good collection of Pet clinics & Pet Hospitals. Bhandup hosts both Pet hospitals providing specialized medical care & Pet Clinics for regular medical care. The Pet Clinics in Bhandup West has been providing excellent medical care to pets for many years. You can avail of various services like Deworming, Vaccinations, Major & minor surgery, Fracture care, Various health tests & diagnosis, etc. 

    They are more than welcome to provide annual health checkup & general consultation to your pets. These clinics have been serving various types of animals & birds including dogs cats, hamsters, guinea pigs, parrots, lovebirds & even reptiles such as tortoise, etc. Vet Clinics in Bhandup have been known to provide various grooming services to their clients such as hair cleaning, Fur trimming, nail clipping, etc. You can even buy various pet foods from these stores too such as Kibble, dry food, wet food, for various types of pets. Dr. Parab’s Clinic is one of the famous pet clinics in Bhandup West. Average consultation fees are around 300-1000 Rs.


    Free Veterinary doctor in Bhandup West.

    Bhandup has many NGOs dedicated to the mission of protecting the welfare of animals. One such is Utkarsh Animal Welfare NGO, They can provide you free treatments for ailing animals.

    Government animal hospital in Bhandup West?

    There is still no government hospital in Bhandup West, the nearest one is in Bhiwandi.

    Which are the top Pet Clinic in Bhandup West?

    Mulund West has many good pet clinics. Dr. Bapat’s pet clinic is one such pet clinic that is among the best when it comes to holistic services, customer satisfaction & facilities.

    How can Haduk help in choosing the best Pet Clinic Bhandup West?

    Haduk gives comprehensive information about pet clinics, such as services they provide, Reviews, Images of their clinics, their contact number to further enquire about your requirement.

    Do pet clinics provide services to every breed of dogs & cats in Bhandup West ?

    Yes, Veterinarian Doctors are trained to handle a broad range of animals that also includes breeds. Many veterinarians are even specialists in certain species or breeds. You can always inquire about it here. Use a Call or chat option to contact your desired clinic.

    Are there admit wards of pets in Pet clinics in Bhandup West ?

    Clinics & hospitals do have to admit wards for pets. You can check their facilities at their clinics.

    Do pet clinics in Bhandup West provide Pet Grooming Services ?

    Most Pet clinics do provide grooming services such as hair trimming, fur cleaning, washing, nail clipping, etc. They also provide regular check-ups such as vaccination, booster doses, etc.

    How often should I take my pet to a pet clinic for a routine check-up ?

    You should consider opting for at least an annual routine check-up on your pet. You should consider consulting a Qualified veterinary doctor by raising the query.

    What consultation fee is usually charged by Pet clinics in Bhandup West ?

    The Veterinarians will usually charge around 300 to 1000 as per the facilities & expertise provided by them.


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