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  • Looking for a Pet Clinic for your beloved pets in Mulund West?

    Mulund West is a prominent part of Mulund city which is home to some of the best Pet Clinics & hospitals in Mumbai. The healthcare system for pets in Mulund West has grown so much for 10 Years. The city has both Pet hospitals with all the specialty services as well as Standalone clinics for regular medical problems. These clinics & hospitals have been providing various Healthcare services such as Medical Tests, Vaccinations, deworming, regular health checkups, Major & minor operations, etc. You can even find niche specialist services like dog psychologists, physio, etc.

    As there are so many clinics you can always try to find one within your budget. Many clinics are now even providing additional services to their clients such as grooming services. You can always take your dog to fur cleaning, Washing, teeth cleaning sessions, etc. These clinics serve common pets such as Dogs, cats & other exotic animals such as reptiles, birds, etc. 

    These clinics also store various Branded Premium Pet foods which you can always buy as per your budget. Dr. Natasha’s Pet clinic is one of the most famous Pet clinics in Mulund West. With her expertise in Pet healthcare, she has cured many afflictions of pets. You can always find 24X7 clinics in Mulund West. While many have fixed timing with one day off. Mulund is also home to Animal welfare NGO such as Utkarsh Animal Welfare you an get help for strays, or adopted pets at low cost or even free. The average consultation fee for clinics is 300-1000 as per the expertise of the doctor. You can even buy various pet accessories such s collars, Toys, treats, pillows, buckets from clinics.


    Do pet clinics provide services to every breed of dogs & cats in Mulund West ?

    Yes, Veterinarian Doctors are trained to handle a broad range of animals that also includes breeds. Many veterinarians are even specialists in certain species or breeds. You can always inquire about it here. Use a Call or chat option to contact your desired clinic.

    Do pet clinics in Mulund West provide Pet grooming services ?

    Most Pet clinics do provide grooming services such as hair trimming, fur cleaning, washing, nail clipping, etc. They also provide regular check-ups such as vaccination, booster doses, etc.

    How often should I take my pet to a pet clinic for a routine check-up ?

    You should consider opting for at least an annual routine check-up on your pet. You should consider consulting a Qualified veterinary doctor by raising the query.

    What consultation fee is usually charged by Pet clinics in Mulund West ?

    The Veterinarians will usually charge around 300 to 1000 as per the facilities & expertise provided by them.

    Which are the top Pet Clinic in Mulund West ?

    Mulund West has many good pet clinics. Dr. Natasha’s pet clinic is one such pet clinic that is among the best when it comes to holistic services, customer satisfaction & facilities.

    How can Haduk help in choosing the best Pet Clinic Mulund West ?

    Haduk gives comprehensive information about pet clinics, such as services they provide, Reviews, Images of their clinics, their contact number to further inquire about your requirement.


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