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    Churchgate is one of the oldest areas of Mumbai which came into light in British rule. It is located in the southern part of Mumbai and is one of the most elite areas in the city. This makes it full of facilities and services that it has to offer to you as well as your pets. Your pets can avail of many intriguing facilities that Churchgate has to offer.

    When should you take your pet to a vet?

    • There could be many reasons for you to take your pet to visit a vet. Some of them could be:
      Diarrhea: You need to consult a veterinarian whenever your pet experiences indigestion or diarrhea because it could be nothing or it could be a sign off a very dangerous disease too, so you need to take it seriously.
    • Vomiting: Vomiting can be an indication of your pet having a disease or disorder related to its digestive tract. So whenever you see your pet vomiting, you should see a doctor.
    • Unusual Eating Habits: Considering the routine of your pet, as and when its habits related to eating as well as drinking changes, you need to go to see a veterinarian become sure that your pet’s health is perfectly alright.
    • Weight loss: Loss in appetite and subsequent loss in the weight of your pet can be a serious issue. You need to visit a veterinarian if you notice such changes in your pet over time.
    • Miscellaneous: If your pet gets unconscious, finds it hard to respire, then these could certainly signal you to take your pet to a vet


    Pet service offerings by Churchgate Veterinarians:

    If you live in a place like Churchgate, then you need not worry about anything, I mean literally nothing. Talking about the things that concern your pets, there are a lot of offerings by the vets situated in this area that can make your pets completely healthy. Some of the examples of services you get are that you can get a full-body examination done of your pet, which will ensure that everything is alright, also you can get your pet’s diagnosis done along with getting them vaccinated for various diseases, and get their surgeries done if needed.

    Which places offer 24hr services for pets in Churchgate:

    Mumbai has been popular for its nightlife, and when it comes to south Mumbai and particularly Churchgate, it never sleeps, so many vets work for 24 hours for the well-being of your pets. Many pet clinics provide services life emergency ambulance and 24-hour assistance which ensures that your pet is safe also at night.

    What breed is best suited for the weather of Churchgate?

    Churchgate is an area situated in the western part of Maharashtra and is along the coastline of the Arabian Sea, which makes its climate very humid and a bit on the hotter side. Now, this weather is good but not well suited for many of the dog breeds. Dog breeds like Labrador, Dachshund, Doberman are breeds that can sustain the weather.

    Commonly found pets in Churchgate:

    The southern part of Bombay is ruled by the rich and elite class of the society and so is the case with their pets. I mean they own dogs which need a lot of money to look after and need food and climatic condition for the creation of which you need a lot of money, so breeds like husky, poodles and Bernard are the commonly found breeds in Churchgate.

    What is the cost of good cat food in Churchgate?

    Cat food can be very fancy sometimes, it has a huge variety of product line ranging from Rs 150 to Rs 800 per bag of cat food.

    What is the cost of a pet ambulance in Churchgate?

    Pet ambulances are readily available in Churchgate which are available for your pets around the clock. They can cost you from Rs 250 to Rs 500 differing from clinic to clinic.

    What can be the cost at which your pet can get treatment in Churchgate?

    Churchgate, one of the top-rated areas in Mumbai, which is posh and so-called occupied by the high classes of the society is very expensive when it comes to treating your pet. There are a lot of veterinarians that have an upper hand in treating your pets but they charge you as per their skill which is a bit high as compared to other suburbs of the city. This can cost you around Rs 350 to Rs 800, which again depends upon the skill of the doctor and also the reputation and rating of the vet.

    What is the cost of a stool test for cats in Churchgate?

    Stool test for your cats in Churchgate will cost you very reasonable cost ranging from Rs 100 to Rs 250 and the average cost is around Rs 150.


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