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  • Pet Clinic in Santacruz, Mumbai

    Santacruz is an area located in the eastern part of the Mumbai city. It is a very posh and so-called high-class area of the city. It is surrounded by various famous places like Khar, Ville Parle, Juhu, Kurla, and Bandra. Santacruz is one of the prime locations of Mumbai. It is very huge in itself and engulfs many areas like the Prabhat colony, Maratha Colony, Agripada, Kalina, and Vakola.
    When it comes to pet-services, Santacruz is one of the leading places for the care of your pet. It has a lot of services related to pets to offer you.

    When should you consult a veterinarian?

    Health is a very important aspect of life when it comes to our pets. You need to take care and nurture your pets so that they grow healthily and also without any hindrance. And for which you need to know when to take your pet to a vet.

    Below listed are some of the reasons why you should go to see a veterinarian:

    Symptoms like if your pet gets unconscious or meets with an unfortunate accident, you need to take it to a vet. Or if it is facing problems like irregular coughing or sneezing or sniffing, or going through diarrhea then you definitely ought to visit a veterinarian. Also if your pet shows unusual drinking or eating habits then you should rush to your nearest vet clinics.

    24-hr services for pets in Santacruz, Mumbai

    No matter how hard you strive to take care of your pets, not all the care can be done rightly at your home, and that why you need a pet clinic. Also, emergencies can occur at any time and any circumstances so we always need to be ready for that. At Santacruz, there are a ton of vet clinics that provide 24-hr assistance to you for the health of your pet.

    Treatment/checkup charges of pets at Santacruz, Mumbai

    Just like humans, our pets also need the care and attention to be healthy, so we need to take them to the vets at regular intervals of time. The costing completely depends upon the pet you have. Like it is different for cats, dogs, horses, cows, rabbits, birds, fishes, etc. There are a few government veterinarian clinics available in Santacruz where you can get your pets checked for free of cost. On the same line, there are various organizations working free of cost that are honourary for the pets where also you can get a free checkup.

    What are the services offered by vets in Santacruz, Mumbai?

    Santacruz is the area that is well known for its services and high-class facilities it offers, so here you can be tension free for the sake of your pets. Here the vets offer many services like a 24-hr pet ambulance, their clinics offer facilities like microchipping, artificial insemination, various surgeries, and amputations. Also for recreational purposes, Santacruz has a lot of pet parlors available where you can make your pet feel comfortable and relaxed.

    What is the cost of Health checkup for Cats in Santacruz?

    You need to be sure about the health of your cats. Cats do not require much attention in terms of their health but it is good to get their health checked once every three months to be secure. Cat’s health checkup can usually cost you ranging from Rs 350 to Rs 1000 as well depending upon your choice of doctor and clinic. Whereas it is completely free of cost at the government vet clinic and the surrounding NGOs.

    What is the cost of consultation fees for Cats and Dogs in Santacruz?

    Consulting a good veterinarian can be very costly when it comes to Cats as they require a specialized diagnosis which costs high. Now, this also depends upon the breed of the cat, the size of the cat, etc. This will approximately cost you from anywhere around Rs 600 to as high as Rs 2500 depending upon the rating and reputation of the veterinarian

    What is the cost of Vaccinations for Cats in Santacruz?

    Vaccinating your cats can be free as well as it can cost you a lot. If you prefer government vet clinics in Santacruz then the cost of vaccination is free or cost also many Animal welfare NGOs are working for these pets, so you can get the vaccination done at these NGOs for free. Coming to the paid vaccination, Santacruz is surrounded by many worthy vet clinics when the vaccination of your cat can be carried out for a price ranging from Rs 350 to Rs 450.


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