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  • Top Pet Clinic and Pet Services in Kothrud

    Services Pet Clinic offers in Kothrud

    Pet Clinic takes care of all health-related issues your pets. Veterinarian Doctor examines your pet through a series of different test and then takes care of their health also suggest different food.

    Services offered by the Pet Clinics-

    • Medical Assistance
    • Physical Examination
    • General health checkup
    • Vaccination / Innoculation
    • Major & minor Surgery

    Different facility Pet Clinics offer in Kothrud

    Pet-health and pet care is given significant importance these days, so the pet clinics have also equipped themselves with pet-friendly facilities which include.

    • Pet Parlour- For bathing and grooming purposes.
    • Pet Ambulance
    • Pet Boarding
    • Pet Manicure, Pet Physio
    • X-Ray and Ultrasound

    Which are the Top Pet Clinics in Kothrud ?

    Top 5 Veterinary Doctors in Kothrud –

    • Dr. Gorhes Pet Cover Advanced Veterinary Clinic
    • Petaegis Veterinary Clinic
    • Pawsome Vet Clinic

    How many pet clinics in Kothrud?

    Kothrud is the newer and well-developed part of the Pune offers a wide variety of pet services and pet facilities in the close range. In a radius of 4 to 5 km, there is around 7 pet clinic.

    When would you require to visit pet clinic?

    Mostly the pets recover on their own from common health problems but only when their behavior changes and the start vomiting, diarrhea, bad breath, or see the unusual eating habits, you are required to make an appointment to the veterinary doctor. We are listing down top pet clinic in your area, use the search box to search nearby pet clinic.

    Pet treatment cost in Kothrud

    The cost of the healthcare of pets depends on types of pet breeds. Usually, a decent rate of veterinarians and medical consultation cost you ranging from Rs 250 to Rs 500, which is a low cost that you would spend for the well-being of your loved ones. This cost pet treatment depends upon the reputation of pet doctors and facilities they offered in the clinic.

    24-hour pet clinics services in Kothrud

    Emergencies don’t come ringing your door-bell, so you always need to keep the information about the vet clinics which are open 24 hr in your locality. In Kothrud there are 10-15 vet clinics that serve for 24 hrs so that you can be sure about your pets while in an emergency. One of them is Petaegis Veterinary Clinic.

    What pets are legal in Kothrud Area?

    Common pets in Kothrud are Dogs, cats, and other domestic animals. For exotic pets, you need to be very careful about the laws.

    What is the cost of Health check-up for dogs in Kothrud ?

    Vaccination in general for all the pets is free of cost at government vet clinics but still, the cost of vaccinating your cats will not cost you much at a private clinic. A vaccine generally ranges from approximately Rs 350- Rs 400 per dose

    What is the cost of Health check-up for Cats in Kothrud ?

    Taking care of your cats can cost you a bit costly than your dogs. In an area like Kothrud, the consultation can range from Rs 250 to Rs 500 per sitting depending upon the rating and reputation of the veterinarian.

    Do pet clinics in Kothrud provide Pet grooming services ?

    Most Pet clinics do provide grooming services such as hair trimming, fur cleaning, washing, nail clipping, etc.


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