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    Best Pet Services in Pune?

    Pune is a city that has grown and evolved industrially and economically both over the past decades and it has changed itself in the way it offers services to its people. In recent years there has been a significant increase in the way people care about their pets, health-wise. Veterinarians have emerged greatly in recent times which have to offer great services to the pets. It has a lot of pet services that you can avail, ranging from pet parlors, pet care centers, pet clinics, etc. It has a huge number of decent veterinarians for your loved ones.

    When is the need to show your pet to a veterinarian?

    Your pets need the same amount of care in terms of their health as you need it. So you should always give ample importance to your pet’s health. It is observed that usually, all the pets recover on their own from minor problems related to their health, but when their behavior changes and they start to vomit or experience diarrhea, bad breath, or irregular eating or drinking habits, you should show your pet to a veterinary specialist.

    Veterinarian Services that Pune has to offer !

    Veterinarians take care of the complete well-being and all-round health-care of your loved pets. Just like a physician for human-beings, a veterinarian examines your pet through a series of different activities and then takes care of their health.
    Below listed are some of the ministrations offered by the best veterinarians of the city-

    • Body Examination
    • Diagnosis and study
    • Vaccinating the animals
    • Regular and Emergency surgeries
    • Different amputations

    Veterinarians offer the following facilities in Pune

    Pet-health is given significant importance these days, so the vet clinics have also equipped themselves with pet-friendly facilities which include.
    Parlours for pets for the purpose of bathing and grooming purposes.

    • Emergency Ambulance for your pets
    • Microchipping facility
    • Ultrasound & X-Ray service

    Also, Special Services that are also available are:

    • Eye Surgery(Cataract)
    • Transfusion of blood
    • Hospitalization for sick pets
    • FLEA scan

    Places which offer 24HR services for pets in Pune:

    Emergencies don’t warn before coming, so you always need to keep the information about the vet clinics which provide 24 hr services in your close proximity. In Pune, there are more than 100 vet clinics that have extended their services for 24 hrs so that you can be sure about your pets while in an emergency.

    What are the pets that you can keep and are legal in Pune?

    Mostly all of the pets are allowed to keep like cats, dogs, fishes, rabbits, mice, etc. Only some exotic species like tortoises and some pets like monkeys and other wild animals aren’t legal to keep as pets


    What is the cost of the Rabies vaccine for Dogs in Pune?

    Pune has a lot of government pet clinics that offer this vaccination of rabies which may range different on the basis of size and weight of the dog which ranges from Rs 300 to Rs 500 and Rs 100 separately for injecting it.

    What is the cost of a urine test for dogs in Pune?

    Testing of urine of your dog does not require much money if it is a routine one. It can range from as low as Rs 50 to as high as Rs 4000 for infertility indicator in the urine.

    What is the cost of the blood test for dogs in Pune?

    In the city, there are many blood testing laboratories for the dogs, and a blood test for your dog can cost you from Rs 300 to as high as Rs 1000 depending upon the test.

    What is the pet consultation fee charged by pet clinics?

    The pet clinic will charge you approximately 250 Rs to 500 RS for a general or routine check-up.

    Which breed of dog is most suitable to the Pune climate?

    Pune is a city that has a moderate and pleasant climate all over the year, almost all the breeds of the dog are suitable for you to keep a pet.
    Some of them are Labrador, Pug, Dachshund, Pomeranian, German shepherd, and Doberman. But all in all of these all the breeds Labrador is best suited for Pune city.

    What is the most common pet in Pune?

    Pune is a city crowded with a decent number of pets but commonly found pets in the city are cats and dogs. These are present all over the city as they are very lovable creatures.


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