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    Prabhadevi is an area located in the southern part of Mumbai and is situated between Dadar and Worli, which is a close neighborhood to the posh south Bombay areas that makes it one of the prime locations of Mumbai. And accordingly, it offers many pet services and facilities for your pet without any compromise in the quality.

    Most common diseases in dogs:

    Just like us humans, dogs are too are prone to many common diseases, but it is very normal and can be cured very easily and at a very low cost. Some of the common diseases include; very common cataract, arthritis, ear infections, kennel cough, diarrhea, fleas and ticks, heartworm, and broken bones.

    Virus symptoms in dogs:

    Dogs also suffer from diseases that are caused due to viruses like viral fever. Your dogs may show some of the symptoms like coughing (both moist and dry), sneezing, nasal discharge, runny eyes, fever, lethargy and, difficulty in breathing. Whenever you come across such symptoms in your dogs, you should go and see a veterinarian.

    Simple steps to avoid diseases in dogs:

    It is well said that prevention is better than cure. We can certainly take some simple preventive steps to save your dog from any diseases. Below listed are the steps:

    • Keep your pet clean: You should always keep your pet clean to keep away from insects and virus carriers.
    • Wash Your Hands: You should always wash your hands before handling your pet as your hands may contain the carriers which may infect your pets.
    • Use antibiotics: Taking the advice of a good veterinarian, you can use antibiotics for curing your dogs at regular interval of time

    How to play with Dogs without toys?

    You can play with your dogs without any of the toys in many many ways, some of them can be :

    • Hide and Seek: It is a fun game that you can play with your dogs, and it is a fun game too.
    • Fighting: A friendly fight with your dog energizes your dog to a very good extent and can make them very happy.
    • The bowl game: Hide your dog’s favorite treat in one of the three bowls and grab their attention to it and then shuffle it until your pet gets confused and then let it guess where the treat is.

    What is the cost of Flea Treatment for dogs in Prabhadevi?

    Flea treatment for the dogs might seem very expensive in the first place but it is essential that you take your dogs for it regularly. In an area like Prabhadevi, it may cost you around Rs 500 to 700.

    What is the cost of spaying for dogs in Prabhadevi?

    Spraying or neutering your dog can be conveniently done in an area like Prabhadevi. Many private veterinarians can provide this service which will cost you ranging from Rs 5000 to Rs 10000.

    What is the cost of Plaster for dogs in Prabhadevi?

    Prabhadevi has a lot of government veterinarian clinics which offer decent services for your pets, here you can get your dogs plastered, at minimalistic cost. But if you have trust issues about the government clinic then you can get your dog plastered at the private clinics that offer much better services at a reasonable cost.


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