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    • Vedant Pet Dispensary (Borivali)
    • Dr. Pethe’s Veterinary Clinic (Borivali)

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    Borivali West is a very affluent suburb of the Mumbai city. It is located in the western part of the city and has a coastline over its major part. It has a lot of restaurants, cafes, schools, colleges, food joints, hospitals, and also a fair number of pet clinics and veterinarians.


    What breed is best suited for the weather of Borivali West?

    Borivali West is an area situated in the western part of Maharashtra and is along the coastline of the Arabian Sea, which makes its climate very humid and a bit on the hotter side. Now, this weather is good but not well suited for many of the dog breeds. Dog breeds like Labrador, Dachshund, Doberman are breeds that can sustain the weather.


    Commonly found pets in Borivali West:

    The southern part of Bombay is ruled by the rich and elite class of the society and so is the case with their pets. I mean they own dogs which need a lot of money to look after and need food and climatic condition for the creation of which you need a lot of money, so breeds like husky, poodles and Bernard are the commonly found breeds in Borivali West.



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