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    Best Pet Clinic in Malad West

    • Dr. S.M. Gadge Speciality Vet Clinic (Malad)
    • Dr. Nilima’s Veterinary Clinic (Malad)
    • Vedant Pet Dispensary (Borivali)
    • Acumed Veterinary Specialty (Kandivali)

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    Malad west is a suburb which is located in the northern part of the city. It has Kandivali to its north and Goregaon to its south. Malad has a famous place called Malad fort or Madh Fort. It has a variety of hotels, educational institutes and historical monuments too. It has a lot of vet clinics and pet hospitals which provide support.


    Which breed of dog is most suitable to the Malad West climate?

    Malad West being in a city where there is a moderate climate over the 12 months, most of the breeds of the dog are suitable for you to keep a pet.

    Some of them are Labrador, Pug, Dachshund, Pomeranian, German shepherd and Doberman. But all in all of these all the breeds Labrador is best suited for Malad West in Mumbai city.


    Different facility Veterinarians doctors offers in Malad West:

    Pet-health is given greater importance these days, so the vet clinics have also equipped themselves with pet-friendly facilities which include. Pet Parlour- For bathing and grooming purpose, Pet Ambulance, Boarding, Identification-Microchipping, X-Ray and Ultrasound


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