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  • Veterinary Dentists in Mumbai

    Dogs require regular dental care to prevent gum disease from occurring. When your pet eats, their saliva, bacteria, and food form together, creating plaque, a type of bacteria that produces a clear film on the dental surface. If this substance isn’t removed, plaque can build up over time, creating tartar; a brown, yellow hardened substance. A build-up of tartar can irritate your pet’s gums as it accumulates above and below the gum line, causing inflammation, redness, and bad breath (gingivitis).

    Just like our daily routine, incorporating teeth cleaning into your dog’s day-to-day will help to reduce the build-up of bacteria in their mouth. If you’re unsure how to clean your dog’s teeth, your local vet will be able to demonstrate and advise on what products to use. It’s best to introduce teeth cleaning to your pet as early as possible, ideally when they’re a puppy so they can get used to the brushing motion.

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    Mumbai has numerous pet clinics and dental care centers where you can take complete care of your dog’s dental hygiene.


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